We are helping people measure something never before measurable - their current capability to innovate, in comparison with corresponding data from other individuals and companies around the world.  We hope that the outcome of this research will lead to actionable next steps and specific opportunities for improving the innovation mindset of our participants.

Elena Zhukova photo shoot at UC Berkeley of student life and campus scenes

Our Approach

Innovation has been an elusive target for researchers.  Most past attempts have focused on factors that have no cause-effect relationship (e.g. number of patents).  This project, in contrast, takes a more comprehensive view, including factors such as:

  • Strategy and Leadership.
  • Company Operations and Measures across Functional and Tactical Areas.
  • Innovation Culture at an Organizational Level.
  • The “Mindset” of a Company’s Individuals


By measuring and understanding the specific aspects of culture that impact innovation, then diagnosing the gaps

- in comparison to individuals and companies that are widely considered to be innovative -

action plans for improvement can be developed and implemented.

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