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The Berkeley Innovation Index (BII) is both an open research concept, and a global collaboration project born out of interdisciplinary research by UC Berkeley faculty.  In cooperation with industry professionals, BII has been developed to offer simple yet powerful ways to measure something never before measurable – an individual's innovative mindset level, and their power to innovate.


Our mission is to help people, organizations, and global firms achieve a world-class level of innovation culture and effectiveness. It is hard to improve and innovate upon what cannot be measured. BII quantifies, and implements, all the necessary tools to understand these dimensions.


Fundamentally a collaboration, the Berkeley Innovation Index (BII) is a collection of global researchers, developers, consultants, and private firms independently organized to bring open research to life. We emphasize research backed implementation of software-based innovation tools, and seek to develop the tools to quantify the traits, systems, and structures that enable both individual and firms to thrive in an agile world. 

The Berkeley Innovation Index (BII) exists to provide granular insights into company culture, improve operational focus, and ensure best-fit between an individual's aptitudes and dispositions, and the needs of the enterprise.

Innovation has been an elusive target for researchers.  Most past attempts have focused on factors that have no cause-effect relationship (e.g. number of patents).  The Berkeley Innovation Index (BII), in contrast, harnesses state of the art technology and practices, and directs their implementation to provide comprehensive views into factors such as:

+ Strategy and Leadership.

+ Company Operations, and Measures across Functional and Tactical Areas.

+ Innovation Culture at an Organizational Level.

+ The “Mindset” of a Company’s Members, at all Levels of the Enterprise.