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The BI Squared is an open project to offer simple ways to measure innovation, but in a holistic sense.  These models and tools are based on published research from the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship,  the Comfort Zone Scale, validated testing in social psychology, and other well known approaches. This is a collection of simple methods  to understand and diagnose “Innovation” challenges for individuals and for organizations within global firms.

The BI Squared Project has 2 components: 1) It is a set of online tools that allow people and firms to measure aspects of innovation, 2) it brings together an ecosystem of leaders, firms, academics, consultants, and others interested in diagnosing and fixing innovation problems.

Why did we create the Berkeley Innovation Index?

Because many firms and many people are interested to be more innovative, but how can a person or firm improve what they cannot measure?

The Approach

Innovation is a relatively vague concept.  And frankly, most past measures have not been insightful or holistic.  For example, numbers of patents or money spent on R&D does not have a cause versus effect relationship.  And to be holistic, there are multiple layers to this issue:

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Innovation Culture from an Organization’s Viewpoint
  • Organizational Operations and Measures across functions
  • Mindset: The Innovation DNA of the People
  • Tactical measures

Many of these factors are never considered in terms of innovation metrics.  And yet, for innovators and entrepreneurs, it is often a person’s “Innovation Mindset” that holds back progress, more than it is the real life barriers they face in the world.  And for firms and organizations, “Innovation Culture”(which is unwritten rules of how people interact with each other) is a key factor along with other important issues like processes and skills.  Peter Drucker is credited for saying that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  Innovation measures should include culture as well.

From the researchers & faculty who created

  • the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship
  • Berkeley’s Engineering Leadership Curriculum,
  • CZ Scale for Innovation and Advanced R&D Measurement.

R&D Models for Advanced Development & Corporate Research

(Awarded Best Paper Presentation of the Conference) Sidhu, Lavian, Howell, R&D Models for Advanced Development & Corporate Research, Understanding Six Models of Advanced R&D, IEEE/ICE International Technology Management Conference, Belfast Ireland, June 22-24, 2015, (link to paper) (slides).


Comfort Zone and Berkeley Method at ASEE

  • Sidhu, Deletraz, Effect of Comfort Zone on Entrepreneurship Potential, Innovation Culture, and Career Satisfaction, ASEE Conference, Seattle, June 14-17 (link), (slides)
  • Sidhu, Singer, Johnsson, Suoranta, Introducing the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship – a Game-Based Teaching Approach_ American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE June 14-17, 2015 (link)(slides)
FDC-Innovation Mangement

Sidhu, Innovation Culture and Management Practice, FDC Business School, BH, Brazil, May 13, 2015 [Download]


NASSCOM, Pune, India Oct 8-9, 2014

  • Sidhu, Keynote: New Models for Advanced R&D and Open Incubation for today’s Modern Companies [Download]

  • Sidhu, Master Class: Data Driven Business Models [Download]


Sidhu, Workshop on  Innovation and Clusters, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 19, 2014,[Download].


Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Downloads:


KALX Radio Interview, Ikhlaq Sidhu, Method to Madness, Skydeck and Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, May 9, 2014


Sidhu, Data Driven Business Models, Invited Talk, GE Software, San Ramon, CA, April 2014 [Download Slides Here]

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